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Software and Entrepreneurship – the case of Mitiga Solutions and Nearby Computing.

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2 de jul. 2020
Interview with Alejandro Martí and David Carrera. From UPC to entrepreneur

Alejandro Martí – founder & CEO of Mitiga Solutions:
Mitiga Solutions was born as a result of a PhD project that Àlex wanted to have a real impact on society’s needs. Mitiga’s Open-Source Software solution is redefining the management of natural hazards and its impact in many industries.

David Carrera – co-founder & CSO of Nearby Computing
The technology behind Nearby Computing multi-complex data management solution is the result of several years of research led by David and his team. Nearby’s solution allows massive Edge Computing deployments operationally and economically viable

Features and requirements for Software-based Patents

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2 de jul. 2020
It is possible to patent Software?
We will talk about the main requirements that a Software based invention must fulfill in order to be patentable with some examples, and we will take a look at today’s patent panorama.

Introduction to Software protection strategies

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2 de jul. 2020
A quick view of the principal strategies (and particularities) when it comes to Software protection
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