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Interview with Manon Vaal

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13 de set. 2007
Science Shops may play an important role in developing trust and community participation in knowledge, science and technology creation processes

Manon Vaal has been promoting the growth of science shops both in the Netherlands and abroad. She talked about the role of science shops as intermediate organizations between society and science. Ms. Vaal also talked about the evolution that science shops have experienced since their appearance 30 years ago. She presented her work at the session “Accreditation and social commitment of higher education” during the III GUNI International Conference on Higher Education “Accreditation for quality assurance: What is at stake?”.

Interview with Mala Singh

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25 de maig 2007
Mala Singh talked to the GUNI about the present and the future of higher education in Africa, which she thinks can help overcome ethnic conflicts by strengthening a common African identity

The executive director of the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education, Mala Singh, believes that an African higher education area is still in its infancy and that governments need to implement effective measures to assure quality and recognize qualifications across the continent. Ms. Singh also talked about how higher education in Africa can contribute to social goals and discussed the need to create more stable social and political environments in order to fight brain drain. Ms. Singh presented the paper ‘The Governance of Accreditation’ at the 3rd International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: Accreditation for Quality Assurance: What is at Stake?
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